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Barco 1208 shifting red

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What a great time for a projector to go wacky. :mad:

the red gun appears to be shifted to the right about a 1/4" (on my 110" diag screen). If I turn it off an power back on it fixes the problem (putting on standby does not seem to help). It's the 4rd or 5th time it's done that but is recurring more frequently and it's takes more power-cycle times to fix (ie. 3-4 times instead of one).

Suspiciously I am wondering if I am stressing out something that was already weakened since I recently acquired an DVDO HD+. I run at 720P (didn't like 1080i) so that should not be stressing a 1208. Prior to the DVDO I had 0 (zero, notta, nil) issues of this sort.

Any idea on what might be failing? FYI, I have another 1208 so I could swap components but no idea where to start.
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MAKE SURE THEY ARE THE SAME 1208 projector - there are at least 6 in the range and boards DONT ALWAYS swop over.....

My money on the complete neck card......
I had this problem with an 808. In my case it was the horizontal shift and focus board. My red would shift to the left randomly. Shutting it off would often fix the problem temporaily. When the shift occured if I went into convergence and tried to adjust the center point convergence which really moves the whole raster I would get an IC2 error. Searching the archives here for that error pointed be to that board. I swapped a new one in and the problem was solved. If my failing memory still serves me, this board was located on the far left (table/floor mounted) or far right ceiling mounted. In the 1208 it will have quite a heat sink on it.
Strangely enough I have an odd model number on the 2nd pj. It is R9200898 (1st pj is R9000898) which doesn't show up in the BG model comparison spreadsheet. It is also listed as a 1208/2AR. Not sure what the "AR" designation is for. Probably Belgian for "not compatible with plain 1208/2 pjs".

Any Barco gurus out there that might help determine compatibilty? or whether one may be better that the other? I picked up the 2nd just for the tubes but it seems to be working ok. Rather than swap tubes I thought it would be easier to just mount the 2nd one. Just can't find the time with new job and all.

Would you post a picture of the silver sticker please,

thats a new one in the range - I have most of them here! but that would be nice to have a copy of the sticker....

the easy way to tell if the boards will swop - each and every board has an R number on it - if they are the same you can swop them. At your own risk!

take some pictures of the AR unit please post them here....
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Onlink, I seem to be having a similar problem with my Barco 1208s/2, except the convergence shifts a good 4 inches to the right. I haven't powered on/off, but it seems to be ok when I warm up with the CRT run in cycle first.

Did you have success replacing the horizontal/focus board?
Yes, both cases is a bad H shift/focus board. I can repair them or have replacement stock.
I had this problem on both the red and the blue on a 1208s/e, and changing the focus/hor. shift board didn`t help. I`m really not 100% sure what fixed the problem, but I found a break in one of the thin yellow wires that runs from the deflection switching board. From the schematics on this board one of the wires provides feedback to the focus/hor. shift board, so maybe repairing the wire did the trick. Have not seen the problem since.

i will have to try that. I've borrowed some loaner boards since my post, and the H/Focus board doesn't seem to be the problem. It's really weird, this only happens when i don't do the run-in cycle.
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