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Barco 808s Iris2 lens

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My husband left his iris lens on the counter ........ I unscrewed it and 5 lens and 3 washers fell out. How do I put it back together?:(
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I have to ask - WHY did you do that?????
Curiosity..........dumb right? Can you help me?
Man am I just giggling my ass off right now :^)

Not quite sure why??


I don't know in what order the lenses go in.

But you can start bij taking out the IRIS camera out of the projector. Just three screws and a small connector. When you lay it on the table, it is a lot easier to figure out how it goes back together. Usually lenses go in only one way, may take some time to figure out. Just don't force anything.


Sorry, I do not have the IRIS on my BG.

If we can get Curt to stop laughing maybe he could help.


Sorry about the loss of your Cat. (Curiosity killed the ***)
My husband left it out and I just unscrewed it .....yer right lol :) When all else fails blame your wife, it you stuff up log onto a forum asking for help claiming to be the "wife" :)

BTW get your "husband" to hide every eletrical device you have in the house unless you're amish with a big screen ;)
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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