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Barco 8100LC

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Has anyone actually seen one of these projectors in action. After reading the post about the 3-chip DLP projectors, I started looking on eBay and other sites for used commercial gear. While I personally would love to get my hands on a 3-chip DLP, I noticed that several companies are unloading used Barco 8100LC 3-panel LCD "Light Valve" projectors for ridiculously low prices (sub $5000 for a $60,000 projector)

My questions are as follows:

1. Do they look good?

2. How expensive are the bulbs?

3. Can you see screen door effect?

I understand that the contrast is not all that it should be but I am looking more for realistic color reproduction and I will not be using it for "dark" movies.


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The main defect of these projectors is a very uneven black level. I had the occasion to evaluate a 9100 I think, and there were many visible bright splotches during dark scenes. Bright scenes were spectacular with no screen door.

Keep in mind also that any repair price will be in proportion with the original price. You could easily end up with a $5000 invoice at the first failure.


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