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Barco, global market share leader in digital cinema xenon projection, proudly introduces a full fleet of laser-illuminated projectors dedicated to the cinema industry. Consisting of four models – DP4K-60L, DP4K-45L, DP4K-30L, and DP4K-22L – that generate stunning brightness levels up to 56,000 lumens, the Barco laser projector range brings superior image quality to every theater.

The projectors deliver exceptional image quality, with outstanding 3D brightness and superior color performance, while simplifying operations and reducing operating expenses. This family of laser projectors is immediately available for order. The DP4K-45L and DP4K-60L are already shipping, while the DP4K-22L and DP4K-30L will be shipping in Q4 2015.

“As the market share leader in digital cinema projection, integrating laser illumination in our projection technology was the next logical step for us. We’re proud to be the first manufacturer to ship the only entirely integrated 6P solution for cinemas around the world,” comments Wim Buyens, Vice President Entertainment at Barco. “The brightest projectors in the industry, our revolutionary fleet of laser-illuminated projectors are setting a new standard for image quality – enabling exhibitors to inspire audiences with unsurpassed image quality that’s better than anything they can experience at home.”

A perfect match for every screen
“After years of development, we’re excited that laser projection is finally here,” says Stijn Henderickx, Vice President Digital Cinema at Barco. “As we’re fully committed to bringing the best picture quality to every movie theater, we’ve made this cutting-edge technology available now. Our award-winning laser projectors bring high brightness levels to every type of cinema screen, from small to premium large formats. We truly believe laser projection is the future. That’s why we have a powerful laser innovation roadmap for the coming years which also includes both new and retrofit laser phosphor solutions. In this way the Barco laser technology is fully future-proof.”

Unprecedented image quality
Barco’s laser projectors offer superior image quality with remarkable brightness levels, increased contrast ratio, and vivid colors for a radically improved movie experience that’s unmatched in the industry. The 2D and 3D images they display – with single lens operation – are laser-sharp with superbly saturated and uniform colors. These brightness levels create an unparalleled 3D experience – showing movies just the way they were intended by the moviemaker. Powered by the unique Series 3 Barco Alchemy Integrated Cinema Media Processor (ICMP), Barco laser projectors are the first in the world capable of showing full 4K content at 60 frames per second and 3D movies in 4K at extraordinary brightness levels. And thanks to Barco’s industry-leading technology to minimize laser speckle, the Barco laser projectors provide superior 2D and 3D images on both white and silver screens.

Many-sided simplicity
Barco’s integrated laser projection technology improves the movie experience while reducing complexity for exhibitors. Based on laser light sources instead of lamps, Barco laser projectors free you from all lamp-related hassles, costs and maintenance. The Barco laser solution for cinema features a single projector architecture that can be seamlessly integrated into your current system. No alignment is required among multiple projectors, and installation, operation, and maintenance have also become easier. And as there’s only one projector to service and maintain, downtime, spare parts, and service are also reduced.

Total Cost of Ownership champion
One major saving provided by the projectors is that all lamp-related costs are eliminated, as there are no lamps involved. Thanks to their extremely high optical efficiency; brightness and light levels have been driven up, while operational costs have been driven down. When compared to xenon projectors generating the same brightness level, the Barco laser-illuminated projectors consume 40% less power. The reliable laser light source offers an extremely long lifetime of 30,000 hours or more while keeping 80% of its initial brightness level.

Shared design philosophy
The Barco laser projectors share their design philosophy with the other Barco digital cinema projectors. All around the globe, theater owners have praised the modularity of the Barco digital cinema projectors, and the Barco laser projectors continue this distinct advantage. This clever design ensures fast and simple maintenance and maximum uptime. Another hallmark of Barco’s lamp- and laser-based digital cinema projectors is their sealed optical engines. Thanks to this patented sealed enclosure, contamination cannot reach the optics or DLP Cinema chips, thus ensuring undiminished brightness and contrast levels.

CinemaBarco – bringing the magic back to the movies
The Barco laser projectors form the fundamental component of the CinemaBarco experience in auditoriums. CinemaBarco is a complete cinema experience featuring unmatched sight and sound technology designed to re-ignite the magic of the movies. Barco offers unprecedented solutions and economics to the cinema industry, focused on delivering compelling experiences for cinema audiences that also generate additional revenue for our exhibition partners.

Visit us at CinemaCon
Discover the CinemaBarco innovations at CinemaCon 2015, from 20 to 23 April in Las Vegas (US). You’ll find Barco at booth # 2313A.

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Here is the Home Cinema Or Post/Stage Friendly 22


Resolution 4,098 x 2,160
Brightness Up to 22,000 lumens
Native contrast ratio 2,500:1 (typical)
Prime lenses 1.13-1.65; 1.35-1.86; 1.46-2.10; 1.65-2.60; 2.00-3.35
Long-term brightness stability
Less than 20% decrease during a runtime of 30,000 hrs
Dimensions (WxLxH) Projector: 744 x 1,445 x 706 mm / 29.3 x 56.9 x 27.8 inches (with feet, no lens)
One chiller with the following dimensions: 701 x 701 x 800 mm / 27.6 x 27.6 x 31.5 inches
Weight Projector: 200kg (~440lb)
Chiller: ~115kg (~250lb)
Cooling liquid hose length 2.5-5-10m (8.2-16.4-32.8ft)
Power requirements Projector:
200-240/346-415V 50-60Hz 16A 3W+N+PE (Y connection) / Power cord size range: 4 sq mm to 6 sq mm, 10AWG to 8AWG /Circuit breaker range: 25A to 40A
200-240V 3W+PE 28A 50-60Hz (/\- connection) / Power cord size: 6 sq mm, 8AWG / Circuit breaker: 40A
230/400V 3W+N+PE 16A, 2.5 sq mm (Y connection) or 208V / 3W+PE (/\- connection) / Max. 16A per phase
Ambient temperature 30°C (86°F) Max. (projector and chillers)
Ambient humidity 75% Max. (projector and chillers)
Power consumption Projector @ full laser power: 2.8 kW (2D or Polarization 3D) / 1.6 kW (Barco Laser3D - 6P)
Chiller @ full laser power: 1.6 kW (2D or Polarization 3D) / 1.3 kW (Barco Laser3D - 6P)
Projector @ half laser power: 1.6 kW (2D or Polarization 3D) / 1.0 kW (Barco Laser3D - 6P)
Chiller @ half laser power: 1.3 kW (2D or Polarization 3D) / 1.0 kW (Barco Laser3D - 6P)
Media server Barco Alchemy ICMP included in the projector:
JPEG2000 2K & 4K DCI play-out
High Frame Rates 3D up to 120fps (60fps per eye)
2x DisplayPort 1.1a
2x 3G-SDI inputs
1x HMDI 1.4a input 2D and PCM audio / 4K 24fps
16x AES/EBU audio channels (2x RJ45)
3D systems Color3D (Barco Laser3D): Native 6-primary color-3D system. Only requires color filter glasses (Dolby3D glasses cannot be reused)
Active glasses systems
Polarization recuperation systems
DCI Projector + Barco Alchemy ICMP DCI CTP 1.2 certified
Certifications CE; ETL/UL/FCC


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A little different from other projectors, this ones drip water condensated.

CRUCIAL TO COORDINATE, I will take pics of such pan in action....


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Laser becoming affordable in a year!

"It's about getting the pricing so that it's competitive with Xenon," Todd Hoddick said during a panel.
The cinema industry is roughly 12 months away from the cost of laser projectors — currently in the six figures — being competitive with what exhibitors currently pay for a digital cinema projector with Xenon lamps. This bold projection was made by Todd Hoddick, Barco’s vp global entertainment, during a panel on the “3 S’s” — sight, sound and seats — held Monday at CinemaCon.

“We’re predicting huge growth in lasers, but it’s about getting the pricing so that it’s competitive with Xenon,” he said. “Lasers are expensive and the technology isn’t mature. But the scale is coming very fast.”

Laser-illuminated projectors promise brighter screens, particularly of interest for 3D, which has had complaints about being too dark. Barco, Christie and NEC are all showing laser projectors this week at CinemaCon. Additionally, Christie laser projectors are used for the Dolby Cinema laser-based system, and Barco contributes technology to the Imax laser projection technology.

Representatives from the exhibition created a premium experience with technology as well as discussed some additional models. Jim Patterson, managing director of Embassy Diplomat Screens, is finding success in offering sponsored theaters from companies such as Samsung. In some cases, he has raised more than $1 million for a premium auditorium, enabling luxury lobbies and seating — in some cases, beds with minibars — and premium technology.

Vox Cinemas has come up with Gold premium theaters, designed to offer a "first class" lounge with a chef, with ticket prices around $50 to $60. Another model is a colorful, kid-themed auditorium with a playroom.

“You have to tailor cinemas to your market,” said Vox CEO Cameron Mitchell. “But it’s important that we innovate to compete with other forms of entertainment.”

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Barco did not show 6p laser demo at Cinemacon, the laser guy introduced us to BPYP

I must admit that Blue Push Yellow phosphor despite not being rec 2020 did look quite acceptable at Barco (retrofit) and NEC 1201 (see pics in this thread).

BTW the best freaking polarized white screen ever! an engineered prototype ,
not pliable vinyl more like stiffer report cover pvc, gain 1.4, large sound transmission perforation percentage.



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At the end someone was asking very intelligent questions next to me and help bill beck understand by clarifying some of my questions, (I could not quite identify the person I became aware was recognizing) at one point we were both fielding queries to Bill, then I stop and say, there is only one person in the world that sounds exactly as the Translator to the Mechanic in Mad Max 2.

It was lo and behold the most famous YOUTUBER from DOWNUNDER MR. CINETECH GEEK!!!! He does remind of the australian actor no?:D




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Why is this Baby not in the news FRONT PAGE CENTER?

Complicit in HFR and HDR? Implicated with hdmi 1.2 4K 60?


HDMI 1.2 wow that's old. It is a 12 bit processor, so you need full bandwidth HDMI 2.0(a) for 4K in-/output.

Edit: specsheet says 1.4a, therefor 4K goes over four hdmi outputs.

Software control is still under development according to an announcement by Lang AG at ISE.

A French competitor says the list price is €80K, for this everything but the kitchen sink 8K processor, the competitor's 10 bit processor starts at half that, but takes more processors in the chassis to handle more channels.

And most of all this is the first time you specifically mention this Barco E2 processor, instead of talking about some magical, mystical Barco box;-).
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