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Barco Lido questions

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OK, so I've just gotten in a minty BArco 1209s with IRIS and LIDO.. July 1998 vintage.


Tell me about the Lido. Is it only a doubler, or is it more than that? Can I pull it out of this set and put it into another Barco, like the 1208 or 808?

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Hi Curt,Do you have a Lido or is it a Lima or Lima pro.The Lima Pro has 3:2 pull down for NTSC and 2:2 pull down for PAL.Also it offers line double,line triple and line quadruple.Its standard on the Cine 9.The standard Lima I believe only offers line doubling and should have a firmware label on it.It had issues on firmware V1.04 w macrovision which was supposedly fixed w/V1.09 or V1.10 you should be able to tell by the sticker on the 6 legged E prom.I think the LiDo only line doubles and should fit an 808s or 1208.
Yes! Tom is right the lido is only a line doubler and the picture quality of the lido is so bad that you don't want it in any projector.

Its not even close to the first DVDO line doubler, if you don't use it you should definitely remove it because it cause problems even if its not on :(
B.H. is right I have seen it in action in a 1208s (answers one of you questions) and just about an other doubler I have seen was better.
Thanks! Let me power the set up today and I'll report. An internal scaler would ROCK!..:)


I am very curious about the H-Amp 48v when you measure it, I would appreciate if you could post what voltage and resolution you have to use to get the raster big enough to fill the screen size Barco have provided.

It is just the doubler. Got a real scare, I've never used those SCheimpflug adjustments before, and I loosened the front nuts as described. I turned the brass screws, only to have it come loose out of the top of the tube.

Oh crap, what did I do now!

So I really loosened the other side, only to have it come off as well.

Visions of sending a tube to VDC danced in my head, I really wanted to flip this set....

then I REALLY loosened the red ones, and they came off too.

Then I realized that the brass screws were just press fit into the top of the tubes, and once you tightened the nuts again, everything was held in place.

A scary 10 minutes though!

And yes, this 1209s is now very close to the top of the list of performers to me..:)

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Hi Bjorn,

Do you have a photo of where to measure the H amp voltage? Mine seems to be set perfectly for maximum raster width at least when using the internal menu's and a 480 i input
The LiDo blurb can still be found on the Barco site.


BARCO’s LIDO is a proprietary,

state-of-the-art digital Video Line

Doubler (31.25 kHz) which may

be incorporated into most

current BARCO CRT projectors, or

into BARCO’s RCVDS 05 Switcher.

It greatly reduces visible line

structure inherent in video

images and produces a smoother,

more film-like video image.

BARCO’s LIDO works in unison with the Video

Decoder of the projector, which incorporates a three-line

adaptive Comb Filter and special Enhancement


• The three-line adaptive Comb Filter improves color

transitions and reduces noise in the video signal.

• The Enhancement Circuit integrated in the decoder

provides sharper images with clearer outlines.

• The LiDo line doubling circuit reduces visible line

structure by doubling the number of lines of the

video image through BARCO’s digital Smart Motion

Detection Filtering. An integrated, specially designed

Phase Locked Loop (PLL) circuit stabilizes the image

quality, especially when using poor quality video


These three circuits work in unison to produce a

smoother yet sharper image which is significantly

more appealing when watching video images.




But, yes, in reality, it really pales compared to today's scalers/deinterlacers.

Its design was more catering to taking standard video and making it look less bad! (Has vcr phase lock circuits etc)

LiMo (or at least LiMo Pro) has better software and does field multiplication as well as line multiplication, etc...

Regarding the pj itself, though - you lucky bastard!!!
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Yes, I agree, the Limo gets rid of H lines, but introduces a bunch of diagonal jaggy ones!..:)

Originally posted by Tom.W
Hi Bjorn,

Do you have a photo of where to measure the H amp voltage? Mine seems to be set perfectly for maximum raster width at least when using the internal menu's and a 480 i input
Here is some pictures to help you find the measuring point's!

This is the power supply and the potentiometer to adjust the voltage with.


And here is the H-Deflection card where you measure the 48v on the pin in the middle of the transistor.

You have to use a internal pattern at 15khz and have the H-Size at 99% when measuring.

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Hi Bjorn,I'm getting a reading of 54.9 volts with the internal menu showing at 15kHz but of course my raster is already as large as is possible to make it without exceeding the raster limit.I believe this was done in the factory though.Do you think I should try dropping it to 48 volts ? Hope this helps.Does anyone have a spare set of HD-120's laying around ??? I could certainly put them to good use! :)
Thanks Tom,

This should be at 48v like the Service Manual says, but you would newer reach the picture width you want if you have it at 48v. My H-Amp is measuring 52.8 at the moment to get the 720p but we ar trying to find out if there is any other way.

I Think this is very odd to make a projector that cant use the preferred distance and screen size, without adjusting the voltage higher than recommended :confused:
Hi, Curt

How do you compare your first 1209s performance to the 1209 non-S which you have sold out countlessly. Does the 1209-S model can produce noticeable improved PQ over the non-S model due to the extra adjust and tight focus ability? I was told S is a major upgrade to 1209.

Please take a break and watch a full movie tonight on the 1209s. U are such a lucky guy can occupy each all kind of diffenent 'Image' once in a while......
While I don't have Curt's experience I have seen both a 1209 (with VDC rebuilds) and 1209s (with 2000 hour tubes) in action in the same lacation and screen but not at the same time unforunately. The 1209s was noticably better in my opinion. The tubes are different in the 1209 vs. the 1209s and to me the focus was better on the 1209s. Of course the additional adjustments (schimpflug, gamma, ability to adjust the left side of the screen witout altering the right) also improve things but the extent to which would depend on your particular circumstances. Also the way the gycol is contained in the LC assemblies is much better in a 1209s.

If I were to ever get a 1209x Barco (not likely because I am cheap) it would be a 1209s NOT a 1209. But both are great machines.

One of the most important upgrade on the 1209s is the new designed RGB Output amplifiers that is really cleaning up the picture a lot and gives a much sharper and more 3D like picture.
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