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Barco port3 and port 4/5 question

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Hi all!

I have read several posts here that relates to people having trouble with port 4/5 on the barco projectors. One of the things that have been suggested is to check if port3 is working.

Is port3 separate from port 4/5 like s-video is separate from port 4/5?

So if problems with port 4/5 (blown-it etc.), port 3 should still work?

If so, is this a common design in all the Barco models?

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No, this is not the case for all models,

Port 3 offers some video improvement over 5, mostly in noise levels on the 808 series and the likes. However, the Barco Data and Graphics 800 series do have a port 3 interface, but it is used for CGA/EGA purposes only and not capable of displaying full color video. Think about that before running to the store to buy a port3 cable or make your own convertor. It wont work on an 800.
Ok, I see what you mean.

I was thinking more about the physical aspect of port3 vs port 4/5.

On a B800 the port 3 is not meant for video so that was a bad example on my behalt. But take the 801S or the 808S model, my question remains, is port3 and port 4/5 separated like s-video and port 4/5?

If port 4/5 is not working, is port3 then also non working?

Edit: ok, found the answer in another thread, seems like port 3 bypasses some things that port 4/5 uses. So I guess port 3 can work even when port 4/5 is shot.

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I have checked it and you are absolutely right port 3 can operate without port4/5 in working condition :)
Bjorn is right. The video input circuits are separate. Port 3 takes a different path through the projector than does 4/5.
Thanks for checking :)
I have a BG808s & a older BG1209 and play a lot both on Port 3 (DB9) and Port 5 RGB 5 BNC input for comparison from same source, two cable. Yes, Port 3 has better PQ but only 5% better not significant noticeable, which you usually won't notice in watching movie unless with still image or slow motion frame by frame shoot out. The Barco engineer who calibrate my projector told me it is due to Barco has improved on VGA electric circuit design on Port 3 (separate from Port 4/5).

BG808s is a later model its Port 5 does can accept both negative and positive syn Polarity while the older 1209 or 808 (non S model) port 5 only accept negative synch (no positive synch).
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