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Barco Vison to Barco Data upgrade

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Hi fellows,

I want to upgrade the bandwidth of a Barco Vision 708(50 MHZ) to 75 MHZ.

Changing the neckboards only, will do the trick ?

Thanks, Stan
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It will probably change the bandwidth, but you would also need to extend the scan rate which would need the deflection and control board to be replaced as well. It's not worth it.

Allright Curt, thanks for the clear answer.

I tought so...

Curt is (as always) 100% correct,

Some high end units are worth "thinking about" an upgrade.

People know I have done it on a couple of machines BUT you need 2 machines to build ONE and so a great waste.

The controller and firmware also needs a change and THAT often means a mother board change as well......

About the only thing you dont change is the Power Supply!!! you also need to think about higher resolution tubes in many cases.......

SO as you see "NOT WORTH IT"

AND if you try it without knowing exactly what you are doing DAMAGE to your working unit COULD happen........

Dont risk it!
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1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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