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I'm in the very beginning stages of HT design, trying to decide on the orientation and layout of my dedicated HT. Attached is a portion of the basement that I believe will be perfect - I have a 13'10" x 22' (9' ceilings) space with no support posts or hvac runs.

The issue is, I do need some storage. I'm hoping to have enough space for a nice theater along with a couple rows of 24" deep shelving units. My plan is to build a room with an entrance door across from the bathroom (also to be built - this is a new build with just roughed plumbing, stairs and supports).

Approximate size will be 13'10 x 12' before framing/drywall, with seats at the top (near stairs) and screen at the bottom.

I will be throwing together some mockups soon, but wanted to get a couple opinions from the community. Would you orient it differently?


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