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Basement Contruction Questions

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I am new to this forum but have done extensive research regarding equipment and construction. Once I have a design, I know what equipment I am going to purchase (Denon 3805, Axiom M60, 175, and QS8, SVS PB12, Sanyo HZ4). The only thing I am not settled on is a screen (not sure if I want to go DIY or not.

With that said, my basement is 26x20 with a pole in the middle 13 feet and 10 feet off the walls. Originally, I was going to make the theater 20 x 13 building the pole into the wall. The rest of the basement will be used for laundry and storage. However, I really would like to have a bar area as well, therefore, I started playing around with design. I thought of making a theater room on the opposite wall and having it 10 feet wide (actually I could make it 11 feet wide and build a column on the wall that sticks out 1 foot to hide the post) but then if I want to make it 18 or 20 feet long the room will be a sound problem because the dimensions will be close to divisible by each other (I had read that this is a no-no). If I build the theater using the 10 or 11 wide side, I could envision how I can still have a small bar area, keep the existing laundry room (then I won't have to move the washer, dryer, hot water tank, and utility tub) where it is and then have the entire back end of the basement (20 x 6 or 8) (if I make the theater 10 or 11 wide by 18 or 20 long) as storage.

If anyone could be so gracious and provide your thoughts, it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
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Do you have a picture showing the current floor layout and laundry room? It would make it a lot easier to visualize.

I had a similar problem in my basement, and ended up making a bar anchored to the support beam, which looked nice and had a view of the screen.
The theater that I'm building has roughly the same dimensions as yours -- it's 11'6" x 20'. As far as the room dimensions, I decided I don't have good enough ears to matter. Plus, with some good wall acoustical treatments, you can minimize a lot of the issues.

As far as the screen, I considered the DYI option, but decided against it. I decided if I'm paying $4000+ for a projector and about that same amount for speakers, I should just go ahead and spend the extra $$ and go with something I know will work and show off my theater. After all, its the screen that everyone will be looking at. I had a hard time justifying to myself scrimping $500 going the DYI route, when I'm spending a whole lot more on the rest of the theater and the basement.

Just my thoughts.

Attached is a rough sketch. I hope the dimensions can be seen. The furnace area cannot be moved. The laundry area can be moved but would be great if I could come up with a plan to keep it in place. As FYI, I certainly want to build in quite a bit of storage because the home does not have a whole heck of a lot of storage other than some extra closet space on the second floor.

Your thoughts are greatly appreciated.
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I forgot to add:

StewartFan20 and lakkdainen, do you have any pictures?
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