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Basic HD on a PC with Cable question

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I currently have an ATI AIW 8500DV card in my PC. I have Comcast digital cable service for my main TV. Without getting another set top box from Comcast, is there any card that will work in conjunction with or in place of the 8500DV to allow me to receive the Comcast digital stations on my PC? Is there one particular card that has more advantages over others? Will any of them allow the "Tivo" type functionality that my AIW allows with the analog channels? Also I am confused about "QAM", what is it and is it for OTA or cable broadcast?

As you can tell, I am a real newbie when it comes to HDTV.

Thanks for your help.
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when the cable card option is released with MCE 2006, you can do this but the AIW is still not needed, and you will then need to rent the cable card
What is MCE 2006? Is there no card that will work with digital cable now?
not without a cable box

and MCE 2006 is an operating system
What a QAM tuner does is enable you to recieve unencrypted HTDV from your cable company without the set-top box. What the cable card does is allow you to recieve the encrypted channels. The cable card is something the cable company provides for a small rental fee usually a couple bucks a month. The cable company will then activiate the cable card which will then allow you to recieve the channels you subscribed to. The FCC requires that cable companies provide the OTA HDTV channels unencrypted, which is why I can get 5 HDTV channels with just with a basic cable subscription.

I got the Fushion Card, but it is too flaky to recommend.
The new MyHD MDP130 will tune (unencrypted) cable QAM as well as OTA HD channels. It just started shipping and early reports are that it works well and seems to be a much better solution than the Fusion card.

Recording and time shifting are supported but nothing close to TiVo functionality.

Check out the massive MDP 130 thread here for more info than you'll want to wade through ;-)
If you want to know what is and isn't possible for hdtv capture, refer to Sphere's excellent post on the subject
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