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basic networking help

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hopefully, this should be simple, but i'd like a little advice to iron out any missconceptions

ok, i have comcast tv (upgrading to hd) and i'm getting hsi

now, i have two tv's and i have two computers that will want the hsi

one tv i want the cable box attatched as it is the only one i need to get hd (infocus 4805). the other is a basic sdtv and all i want to do is run a bare line to that and i'm hoping to just get the basic analog stuff on that one.

then i have an xbox360 and a pc to get hsi.

anyway; this is my basic wiring scheme and i hope it will work without any problems:

> bare line to sdtv

cable from wall > 2-splitter > a little cable and another splitter > line to box/pj

> line to modem > ethernet splitter > xbox

> pc

any reason this shouldn't work? it's a lot of splitting. anway; can i just get a little ethernet splitter that i can plug into the back of the motorrolla modem? will that work? the other option would be to use the usb output of the motorrola to go to the pc, and the ethernet to go the xbox; but can it output in both ethernet and usb at once? or do i need to just use ethernet with a splitter for both?

thanks for teh help
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actually, i don't think the usb would work cuz i was planning to have the modem right next to the xbox, run a small 3ft cord to the box (i.e. want as little lag as possible gaming), and then i need to run like 40ft of cable around the room to the pc (i don't game on, not that it matters i imagine); and i can't get 40ft of usb, but cat5 is cheap

then i ask: is there a diff between cate5 and cate6? what should i buy from monoprice?
if i'm reading things correctly, it seems that i cannot get a simple "splitter" such as i use for phone jacks. rather i need a router. is this correct? where i can i get a cheap and simple one?

motorola told me i cannot connect to usb and ethernet at same time anyway

thanks for the help!
I'm not really following your little diagram, but if you are going to be using one wall jack for everything, then I'ld get a 3-way splitter. One will go to the HDTV box, one will go to the TV for analog cable, the last will go to the cable modem. A router is what you'll need to plug into the cable modem to split that. Then the 360 and PC will plug into the router. You can get a router at BB, CC, walmart, virtually any store that sells electronics. Or you can get one online from Newegg, Zipzoomfly, or even Amazon.
thanks a lot. yeah; i wasn't very clear, but none the less you read my question exactly; that's exactly what i need and exactly what i'll do. i very much appreciate the help.

question: as far as wired routers, can i use them without software? or must i run some software on my pc?
The router will likely come with software, but if you have even a very basic understanding of IP address allocation and the like then you won't need to use it.
ummm.....i don't :) put perhaps i could simply optain said IP address off my modem? or see it on my computer? yes? no? thanks for the help?
well, i see options from glink, netgear, linksys etc. etc. etc. all seem reasonably similar in rating on newegg. i have comcast cable and a motorola surfboard modem. any specific suggesitons?

thanks guys; you've helped me tremendously
I personally have a netgear router, but I don't think there's much of a difference between the major brands. Perhaps running the software and the rest of the instructions that come with the router will be a good idea if you are completely unfamiliar with this kind of hardware.
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