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Basic pre breakin calibration

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Anyone have calibration settings for the Benq w10000..i have read that they need to be calibrated right out of the box....i know i need to wait about 50-100 hours for bulb breakin before i get isf calibration done...but i can't live with the out of the box setup til then....please...please....help....

thanks again

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anyone....please....configured settings would be very helping...
Have you tried the W10000 master thread? I would bet there is an existing discussion on settings within that thread. Have you tried searching within the forum or archives?(threads from June 07 and before have been archived). Since this projector has been out for awhile, one should think you are not the first person to ask for some setting suggestions.

Good Luck

ya...i checked all of the links and found no specific threads on specific setting except for the 9000 and it is a bit of a different projector...similar but different

thanks for the suggestions
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Thanks....but as i said they are for the w9000 ...which is better than nothin ....but i was hoppin that someone on avs has done the basic calibration and would share.....i guess it will have to be me...when i do it...

thanks again..for your help

I would purchase eithier AVIA or a different calibration disc and you'll be set til' your ISF and you may feel you don't even need an ISF.

thanks...i have the hd-dvd version....so i will give it a try.....havin a tough time getting the screen and the picture to size up....seems to always have alittle spill over on the top right only.......
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