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I've never totally understood this, so hopefully someone can help straighten me out. I'm sure the answers are out there somewhere, but searching brings up many hits. Sometimes you just want to ask the question.

Current Setup

I currently have B&W SCM1's as my fronts (WAF related choice, I wanted the N805's), B&W CDM SNT's as my rears and a B&W HTM-2 as my center. I also have a Velodyne HGS-10 sub. My receiver has all speakers set to small. With the sub, I usually set the xover to about 100hz, but sometimes I have it all the way over at 120Hz. If it matters for this discussion, I have a Marantz SR-720 receiver and it has a LFE output.

Question 1

So, how does this work when I listed to CD's connected to the receiver with Analog R/L audio inputs? Since I have the mode set to Stereo, I assume the receiver just send the full R/L signal to the speakers and also send a signal of blow xxxHZ level to the subwoofer. Is this right?

Question 2

How does it work when I watch a DVD with DD5.1 (via PCM connection if that matters)? In this case, the DVD's have an LFE track. Does just this go to the subwoofer or does the receiver also decode the other tracks and send a portion of the audio LF's to the subwoofer?

Question 3

I am thinking about relacing my SCM1's fronts with N804's, moving the SCM1's to the rears and saving the SNT's until I had a 7.1 setup. If I do this, I assume I would set the speakers to Large for the fronts (N804's are 45Hz). However, in my current setup, all my speakers have about the same (poor) low freq extension (56hz center, 80Hz fronts and 75Hz). So, what should I do with the Sub xover? Should I change the setting? I don't want to have to much base when listening to 2channel music.

Also, with my current setup, I am generally satisfied (1 exception, see below) with movie watching, but I would like to improve music listening by lessening the use of the sub (hence the 804's). Since (I guess) most of the low freq's come from the LFE track, the subwoofer takes care of it.

However, I also use Base shakers when watching movies and even though I have use a 50hz low pass filter and have the base shaker amp xover set to 50hz, I still get too much high freq's bleeding into the shakers. I would hope that if I set the speakers to large, then I would get less of that. Of course, I can test that, but i have never got around to it.

With Regards,

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