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Well, after taking delivery of my def tech 7002 towers I decided to put them in an environment they deserve with nice matching equipment.

I'm currently a student at Rutgers, have a tiny business, and also work as a magnolia sales rep so time is limited but I still get to enjoy this room. I'm 22 and no family to take care of yet just me and GF so I was able to build it pretty quick. Here's my setup I just finished. I love it! All acoustic panels/traps were made by me
also everything was picked and setup by me.

As promised here's pics of my setup... I setup everything and made all the panels. XBMC is what I use most and control is via iphone xbmc remote

Fronts: 7002 Towers

Center: CLR 2002

Rears: SM350

Subwoofer: Martin Logan Abyss 12" Sealed

Receiver: Pioneer Elite SC-05

Front/Center Amp: Emotiva XPA-3 200 WPC

Subwoofer EQ: DSpeaker AntiMode 8033

HTPC: Acer Aspire Revo

Power Conditioner: Panamax 4300

Gaming: XBOX 360

Display: 50" Panny Plasma

Remote: Logitech Harmony One

Acoustic treatments are all 24"x48"

1 6" thick bass trap

4 4" thick bass traps

5 2" thick basic panels

1 mini panel behind center speaker

Please lmk what you guys think. I may paint the room again, currently walls are light grey.

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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