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Bass Management

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Is Bass Mannegment specifically for DAD-a and SACD or all sources played (DVD video)?
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In the players I've tried, I'm pretty sure that the bass management was usable for DVD-V as well as the high res audio formats. I'm certain that it works on the Denon 2900.

However, this bass management is not "mandatory" for DVD-V. If you want your receiver (or processor) to handle bass management for DVD-V, just use one of the digital outputs on the DVD player; they pass the audio signal completely unaltered.

Hope this helps.

My issue is that certian movies (Star Wars Ep. II fo instance) really rocks my sub. Not that I mind too much (untill I have to tighten all the drywall scerws again) but my wife will drive screws into my head if it can't be turned down during certian movies.

Bass management is how the 5 channels of the of the 5.1 audio (or any of the channels)

are treated wrt "Large" or "Small" speakers. Large meaning "full range" and Small meaning "not

able to handle low freqs". So with Small there is typically a crossover freq where any freq

less than it should be send to the LFE channel. Some DVD players what decode audio streams

in the player have issues with "Large" and "Small" for the various channels and how well

they manage the "crossed over" freqs for "Small" channels.

If you use digital output (coax or optical) for DVD soundtracks, DVD player bass management

is a non-issue.

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1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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