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Bassmaxx ZR18 driver enclosure

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Has anyone tried to build an enclosure out of 24" SCH40 PVC? The stuff weighs 33 pounds per foot and has over 1/2" thick wall! SCH80 has over 1" thick wall and weighs 55 pounds per foot!

It would definitely make a sturdy enclosure for a long throw driver such as this one. I'd even be willing to bet a coupled cavity design using two woofers with a tee in the middle would work well. Ugly? But we don't see with our ears.

Any thoughts? I don't have TS parameters for this driver other than it has lots of excursion, goes real low, and is tough.

A pvc "box" would be durable enough to handle the road too.
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I doubt anyone has ever used it. Other than the obvious, mainly because a cylindrical design is physically already the one of the stongest possible enclosures with the weakness being the attached endcaps. It really only takes 1/4"-3/8" of even reasonably stiff material to make a good subwoofer enclosure, hence the use of sonotubes.

A PVC box would make a neat enclosure though.

BTW, you may want to post these types of questions in the DIY section...
Oops just noticed that.

My apologies. Perhaps the forum admin could move it to the DIY forum.
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