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Bathomatic, The Automated Bathtub Filler, Hits ISE
Connects to AMX and Crestron control systems for automatic bathtub filling.

What is it about technology for the bathroom?

Aquavision's 57 waterproof 1080p LCD and Kohler's high-tech shower, meet Unique Automation's bathomatic, a digital bath filler on display at ISE Europe in Amsterdam.

The bathomatic automatically lowers the motorized plug, fills up the bathtub to a predetermined temperature and depth, and can even add bubble bath and fragrances to the water.

For contol, the bathomatic connects to AMX and Crestron systems (using RS-232 or TCP/IP) and has a touchscreen interface.

Unique Automation, a UK-based manufacturer, says the bathomatic auto adjusts depending on pressure, temperature, and never overflows.

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