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TCM is playing the old 1943 Batman serial on Saturday mornings. Today was the first episode. (I don't know if they have played this series before, but it is new to me.)

I really enjoyed it. The bad guy is Japanese and it was definitely filmed during the war. It has a lot of surprisingly fun, cool tech. Already in the first episode we have seen:
1) A car that puts out a mist and changes from black to white and has rotating license plates
2) A device to control access to a room like a hand print reader only using x-rays
3) People who have been turned into zombies and can be controlled by radio
4) A handheld ray-gun
5) A remote viewing device.

The Batman and Bruce Wayne drive the same car, some big old convertible. One of those times I wish my Dad was still around as he definitely would have recognized the make and model.

The acting style definitely feels old-school and dated, but the plot is reasonably interesting. I have set my DVR to record the series and I'm definitely going to give a few more episodes a try.

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