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Not exactly completely DNR and EE free. The first couple of minutes where Fonda's character is taking pictures. The closeup shots and the long shots have a very distinct look from each other. One has excessive DNR used and the other one mild or none at all. The transfer also need some more cleaning up. A minor nitpicking for me
But overall a much more pleasing PQ than the "remastered" turds we have lately.

Total   Video                                             
Title                                                           Codec   Length  Movie Size      Disc Size       Bitrate Bitrate Main Audio Track                          Secondary Audio Track
-----                                                           ------  ------- --------------  --------------  ------- ------- ------------------                        ---------------------
Battle of the Bulge                                              VC-1    2:49:40 24,335,216,640  25,614,789,808  19.12   16.93   DD AC3 5.1 640Kbps                        


Name:           00000.mpls
Size:           24,335,216,640 bytes
Length:         2:49:40 (h:m:s)
Total Bitrate:  19.12 Mbps


Name            Size            Length          Time In         Time Out        
----            ----            ------          -------         --------        
00000.M2TS      17,558,906,880  2:01:36         0:00:00         2:01:36         
00025.M2TS      6,776,193,024   0:48:03         2:01:36         2:49:39         
00017.M2TS      116,736         0:00:00         2:49:39         2:49:40         


Codec               Bitrate         Description     
-----               -------         -----------     
VC-1 Video          16930 kbps      1080p / 23.976fps


Codec                           Language        Bitrate         Description     
-----                           --------        -------         -----------     
Dolby Digital Audio             English         640 kbps        5.1 / 48kHz     
Dolby Digital Audio             English         192 kbps        2.0 / 48kHz     
Dolby Digital Audio             French          192 kbps        1.0 / 48kHz

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Those screen caps are so bad they are not viewable!

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This'll be the same encode as the HD DVD, right? I watched it (the red version) just yesterday, and it does look very smooth indeed. There appears to be a touch of grain (or perhaps just plain ol' noise) in wide expanses of sky, but apart from that it's very clean. Everything looks kinda waxy. . .

I would say that some edge sharpening has been applied, as the plane in the opening shots looks like it has a forcefield around it, and long shots of buildings also show the same symptoms. Thankfully these halos aren't the hard-edged variety, or this encode would've been ruined.

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Originally Posted by MSmith83 /forum/post/14243793

The video was encoded at 0 Mbps. While there is no video, the audio is interesting. This BD is recommended.

Yes. The video was encoded at a great 0 Mbps as it's from Warner.

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i'd love to hear the anti black bar people if someone released something like Napoleon on bluray... with the full 4:1 aspect ratio
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