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BB brick and click differences

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I'm looking at a specific TV at BB and its $130 cheaper in the store, but the extended warranty is $170 less on the website. Plus they have free shipping on the website and in the store they tell me its $50 to deliver it. Why the disparities?

Also, anyone been able to negotiate with the major chains? Like get a free HDMI cable or something? I was spending $800 on a camcorder once at CC and the guy would not even throw in a $10 tape. I told him no deal and walked out. He didn't even try to stop me.

They seem to run some ridiculous specials on the website. Like righ now, they have a massage chair for free if you spend more then $1k on a tv. Big whoop. Throw in a dvd player or $100 voucher for a D* HD receiver or a tv stand.

Also, when is the best time to buy? I'm looking at the 61" RCA DLP and I'm not in a big rush to get it. Thanks.
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I just purchase my MItsi WS65315, Monster Cables, Sony DVD player and BB wouldn't even give me the delivery for free.

I love my TV and was worth every penny. I had gotten a hell of a deal which is probably why they wouldn't throw anything else in.

Good luck,

The free shipping on the web site is where they drop it off on your doorstep. It is your job to get the TV unboxed and to your TV stand.

The $35 in shipping I paid was for them to unboxed the TV and carry it into the living room. The guy was even about to start plugging in cables until I stopped him. I do that myself. :) I think you can get the free shipping in store, but it will be the "drop it off at your doorstep" delivery.

At least that is how they explained it to me.
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