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I just got a lite on BD drive and tried hooking it up to my rear projection 57" Sony tv. The TV has a dvi port and that is how I have it hooked up. Problem is that BD advisor is saying that my tv is not HDCP compatible. I would play it and would get partial picture full sound. Please help.

I am running vista ultimate

intel core 2 duo e6400

2 gig ram

720 gb hard drive

ati x1650xt video card

powerdvd ultra

anydvd hd

slysoft virtual clone

I currently put the drive on my main pc

amd x2 5000

asus motherboard 3v378 i think

8 gig ram

9800gt video card

power dvd ultra

anydvd hd

slysoft virtual clone

It plays fine here and I have tried ripping the main movie into an iso and streaming to HTPC but all I get is 2 channel sound and no picture. Trying to find a way to watch these Blu-ray in my home theater instead of my home office. Granted it still sounds good with the Klipsh 4.1 thx set up i have in there with an acer 24" moniter but it is a joke compare to the home theater. Please anyone help.
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