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Has anyone had problems with playback of HD DVD COMBOS with the BD-UP5000?

My BD-UP5000 sometimes seems to hang up for a second here and there when playing HD DVD's - usually affecting picture while the audio keeps playing fine. It's a hit and miss proposition, it seems. The issue quickly corrects itself and the movie continues - usually without issue.

Last night I watched a Universal combo title - American Gangster. A little more than 1/2 way through the player seemed to have trouble playing the disc for about 10 seconds. The playback became slow and sluggish -- but got back up to full speed and continued on without issue.

Is this likely a combo issue? I've read that some Toshiba HD DVD players had playback issues with some combos, for some reason. Or, is it likely more related to a problem with the BD-UP5000?


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