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Originally Posted by vinnie97 /forum/post/18471967

Very good...deals and FYE are unusual to see together in a single sentence! Edit: Perhaps that experience is from the past...the closet one is 34 miles away now.

They are plentiful here in Utah since TWE (Trans World Entertainment) parent company of FYE purchased all the old media play mega stores (and a few smaller stores) several years ago when they went out of business during the last economic downturn. They have recently (in the SLC valley anyhow) started to price their merchandise to be competitive with online. Buying from their sales I routinely get better prices than I can even get on eBay these days and this current sale is quite good to take things even further down. In the good old days ending about a year ago every couple weeks they would have 40% off coupons for one used item and you could combine with the backstage pass for an almost 50% off. I bought several BD box sets and TV series seasons for dirt cheep and then resold on half.com for more than I paid after I watched them (True Blood, Mad Men etc.). I think I paid just a couple $ for season one of True Blood back last year and resold for around $25 or so. I had several gift cards and a couple mall gift cards as well. Better than renting from the video store!

I picked up the LotR BD set today. Discs are in perfect condition and and everything intact, but the case is a little trashed. They had the set in the store less than 2 days after release, so it is either a "crack buy" or whoever bought it did so to rip it. I guess they could have had a LotR marathon and then turned back in. Why people don't just rent these things is beyond me. Their loss, my gain. Might have been freight damaged goods as well. Too bad they were not sealed since they sell all traded merchandise as "used" even if sealed. Most of the HDs I have been buying there for peanuts are repackaged new ones. I'm planning on picking up one of the exclusive Best Buy steel cases that are plentiful on eBay as of the moment to store in anyhow. Ended up getting it for even cheeper than I thought I cleared under $40 even with tax. Not a bad deal, but I'm sure they will be $25 in no time since this is not a perfect set. I wanted it since I don't have the theatrical versions on DVD, just the extended box sets. I'm fine with the extended on DVD only since I may never watch them again, but want to see the movies how they were released in my home theater.

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Here's a nice chat with samsung for you all!

Visitor: hi Lucy

Lucy M: Hello, I am a Samsung Technical Support representative. How may I assist you today?

Visitor: I own a BD-UP5000, will the Avatar Blu-Ray work in my player?

Lucy M: Have you tried upgrading the player?

Visitor: the last upgrade that was available was in November of 2008 according to your website

Visitor: is there an update that I don't know about?

Lucy M: There is a firmware upgrade due to be released, we will forward this to our engineers.

Visitor: when is the firmware upgrade to be released?

Lucy M: This will be released very shortly.

Visitor: is there a date?

Lucy M: Unfortunately, there is no estimated timeframe, we will make it available within a couple of weeks.

Visitor: Will this update be for all samsung players

Lucy M: Yes, for all the Blu-ray players.

Visitor: this is a blu-ray HD-DVD combo player

Lucy M: I understand your concern.

Visitor: is it DEFINITELY included?

Lucy M: Yes please.

Lucy M: It is included.

Visitor: great! Thanks

Lucy M: You're welcome. Is there anything else I can assist you with?

Visitor: no thanks

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Similar response during my live chat a minute ago:

Patrick S: Hello, I am a Samsung Technical Support representative. How may I assist you today?

Visitor: Hi there. I have a BD-Up5000 blu ray player. I have the current firmware installed (1.4). I am trying to watch the movie Avatar and it is telling me that I need updated firmware to do so. The player works with all other discs.

Patrick S: Please give me few minutes while I gather the information.

Visitor: No problem.

Patrick S: Thank you.

Patrick S: Thank you for holding.

Patrick S: Please once again upgrade the firmware on your player.

Visitor: Why? Again, I have the most current version available on your website (v. 1.4) and I have never had a problem before the Avatar disc today. Sounds like you guys need to issue new firmware to address problems with Avatar's copy protection scheme.

Patrick S: At present, we have the latest(1.4) version available for this player.

Patrick S: We do not have any further upgrade version available.

Patrick S: I will escalate the issue to level 2 and the concern department to resolve the issue.

Visitor: Are you saying that Samsung has no plans to issue further updates for this model? If so, what I am supposed to do with an $800 player that is less than two years old?

Patrick S: I apologize for the inconvenience.

Patrick S: As of now we did not get any reported issues from the customers with the firmware(1.4 version).

Patrick S: As the technology is increasing, everyone is trying to develop and release the disc using different format and techniques which is causing the playback compatibility issues and to overcome this problem firmware's are released to fix the compatibility issues.

Visitor: Yes, I understand the reason for firmware updates. What I am asking is whether there is going to be one to address this issue? Just ran a quick google search and it appears that this issue has already been reported to Samsung (see here for examples: http://www.avsforum.com/avs-vb/showt...007434&page=27 )

Patrick S: Avatar is the latest movie which has some compatibility issues with the Blu-ray player. Our research team is working on the issue.

Visitor: Ok. So there is going to be a firmware update to address this issue, correct?

Patrick S: Yes.

Visitor: Any idea of when?

Patrick S: Once the latest firmware is available, this issue will be resolved.

Patrick S: We don't have exact time frame when it is going to be released.

Patrick S: We are from Samsung technical support, we do not have information about the research and development issues.

Visitor: OK. So I guess I'll sit tight for a couple of weeks. Thanks.

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Originally Posted by HD2Blu /forum/post/18524465

I can confirm - it will NOT play on my player either. I am running 1.3 b/c of issues with 1.4 on my player but I will report that I am using 1.4 with samsung. Lets hope they resolve this soon.

Just got off the phone with Samsung heres what the rep said:

Sam: What product are you calling about?

Me: BD UP 5000 - avatar won't play

Sam: We are aware of the problem - we did not get our hands on the disc until today so we did not know if it would play on all players, I have like 40 people on hold with the same issue. We will work on an upgrade and just keep calling. The company that make Avatar knew this would be an issue and that is why they included a DVD in the blu ray (what a load of crap). I will make a note of your call. I can pretty much guess what people are calling about today - we have received so many calls.

Me: Thank you - I look forward to your quick resolution of the problem.


P.S. - the rep never asked me which firmware I was running

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I had a weak moment on Tuesday when I noticed that Avatar dropped from $25 to $20 on Amazon so I ordered it since I have Prime. Came today and I was not planning on opening it yet until I checked here. Confirmed that it won't play, apparently on most if not all of the Sammy players and several others from what I have read. I'm assuming that it is some new BD encryption key issue that was not properly made backward compatible with older players?

Comes up with a screen I have never seen before that says that the firmware needs to be updated. On the first try it just froze, but I think I just did not let it sit long enough.

I have chatted with Sammy support and been told that this issue and a few other issues will be addressed. Sounds like since there has been no major issues with this player, they have not issued a new firmware. I will believe it when I see it and it works and also fixes some other minor irritations that player has. If an update is not released within 30 days I will be returning the movie to Amazon as a defective/incompatible disc. In the meantime I guess I will have to ********** the 1080p/DTS rip of this in order to enjoy in HD. I've already had the DVD for quite some time.

This is the 1st BD that I have not been able to play at all. Minor issues here and there, but never a disc that simply refused to play. I've been concerned about the changing BD key for some time, but learnt that there is backward compatible code that allows the antiquated players to play the new discs (the reason for warnings that there may be delays etc. while playing the disc which I really have not experienced).

Here is my nice chat with Sammy if it will work. My browser is not playing nice and I could not get a transcript to E-mail out:

Please wait for a Samsung Agent to respond.

You are now chatting with 'Angelina'

Angelina: Hello, I am a Samsung Technical Support representative. How may I assist you today?

Visitor: Hi, I own a Sammy BD-U5000 combo player. Avatar arrived today from Amazon and it will not play. Says I need a firmware update. I am running the latest which is 1.4 that came out a 1.5 years ago. This is the first blu-ray I have had this problem with

Angelina: Let me know the firmware version you see on the player

Visitor: will a update be released soon for the BD-UP5000 to play this movie?

Angelina: With the disc tray open, press and hold the INFO button on the remote control. The System Information appears on the screen.

Visitor: 1.4 as I said

Angelina: Yes, our engineers are already updated abnout the avtar and they are working on it and will release a firmware soon

Visitor: any ETA? I only have 30 days to return this to Amazon if an update is not released

Angelina: Yes it will be released soon as most of our customer are waiting for it and I am sorry we donot have the exact date of release

Visitor: you sure that the BD-UP5000 will be updated? It hasn't been manufactured for quite some time and no updates have been released for quite some time as well

Angelina: Yes, it will be upgraded

Angelina: The support will continue

Visitor: ok I have heard rumor of a week or so I will wait it out and see what happens

Angelina: Actually we didnot receive any issue with this player hence we have not upgraded the firmware for it

Visitor: any idea if other know problems with the player will be addressed as well?

Angelina: As we have received it now we have forwarded it to our engineers and our engineers are working on it

Visitor: Ya, I figured since there were no major issues for a while that was the reason

Angelina: Yes, this new firmware will make the player play all the disc compatible issues

Angelina: Is there anything else that I can assist you with?

Visitor: ok. Just wondering about the audio dropout problems in some Sony Dolby Digital TrueHD discs

Visitor: like Handcock

Angelina: Once you upgrade the firmware it will fix all the disc issue

Visitor: ok thanks, That is all I need.

Angelina: Thank you for chatting with us. If you have a minute, please press the "close" button and fill out a brief survey to help us serve you better. Have a wonderful day!

Chat session has been terminated by the Samsung Agent.

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I enjoyed Avatar on blu Ray tonight on my lg bd590!

Moved the 5000 to bedroom for it's great DVD upconversion.

I had the 5000 since it's first week it was released,,

not too many problems, but when a popular release like avatar won't even play

then it's time to jump ship.

I had the 590 for a month now and really enjoy vudu and pandora etc.

Really dissapointed in Samsung not updating firmware in well over a year.

Alot of players issued updates just because of Avatar,,,, who knows if and when samsung will,,

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The rep said that the firmware update should be available in a couple of days.

info: Please wait for a Samsung Agent to respond.

info: You are now chatting with 'Kris K'

Kris K: Hello, I am a Samsung Technical Support representative. How may I assist you today?

Visitor: I bought the Blu ray "Avatar" last night and it will not play. It says to contact the manufacturer about a firmware update. I am running v. 1.4 which I know is most current. When can a new update be expected to solve this problem?

Kris K: Let me know the model number of the device.

Visitor: BD-UP5000 bluray/hd-dvd player

Kris K: Have you tried resetting the player?

Visitor: no but I have never had a problem with any other discs so I know it is a firmware issue. I just want this player to work like it is supposed to.

Kris K: Yes, I can understand that.

Kris K: I recommend you make sure that the latest firmware is updated in the player.

Kris K: With the disc tray open, press and hold the INFO button on the remote control. The System Information appears on the screen.

Visitor: As I said previously I am running the most recent firmware v.1.4.

Kris K: Okay, the player needs another firmware and it will be released in the near future.

Visitor: I know it needs a new firmware, that is what I am asking for.

Kris K: Have you registered the player?

Visitor: Yes the player is registered

Visitor: What is "near future"

Kris K: You can get the latest updates and information once the new firmware is released.

Kris K: You can get the update to your email address and also you can check that online.

Kris K: I see that the issue is already escalated and a new firmware will be released with in a couple of days.

Kris K: As the technology is increasing, everyone is trying to develop and release the disc using different format and techniques which is causing the playback compatibility issues.

Kris K: Once the new firmware is released the issues will be fixed.

Visitor: Ok I will keep checking for it thanks

Kris K: I appreciate your patience and understanding.

Kris K: You're welcome. Is there anything else I can assist you with?

Visitor: nothing else

Let's see what happens in a couple of days.

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Originally Posted by vinnie97 /forum/post/18526426

^haha, as futile as FOX and their evolving encryption efforts.

I had to laugh at this:

Ya, I was going to point that out, but knew you would pick up on that. I'm saving the chat so I can send it to Samsung Executive Relations department when my HDs that don't play still don't and other problems still remain

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Anyone try Cocoon yet? Apparently it is another BD+ title with the new encryption. Just been reading and seems that some Sammy players can sort of play Avatar, but with many problems. Also there was speculation that there is a setting in the movie that won't allow it to play until the release date. Sounds pretty far fetched to me and was probably a joke, but might explain some things if that is a new feature of BD+ that Sammy has not implemented.

I don't really care about Cocoon, but just want to know if it does not play and if it is on Sammys radar screen for updates.

Since I'm a pessimist I'm predicting that Sammy will convinently forget about this player and releaseing an update for it. Either that or fixing the new issues and disabling HD playback capability
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