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Originally posted on a UK forum but they've not been able to help me so far.


I have a BD30 connected to an LX70 via HDMI so am I right in thinking that I should be able to get the full benefit of the various HD audio formats?

The BD30 is set to bitstream everything but I only seem to get DTS/Dolby Digital being received. The firmware is up to date (1.3 UK).

I also have an imported BD-UP5000 connected via an identical QED cable and that has no problems at all.

Any advice or comments gratefully appreciated.


Following on from this I have established that yes I should be able to bitstream HD audio to the LX70. The BD30 is set to bitstream all audio & has secondary turned off. On the LX70 I have tried pressing "Signal Sel." & "Standard" but no luck.

I have also posted this in the Amps, Receivers section in case it is an issue with that instead of the player.


Edit: Sorted the problem by resetting the BD30 to default options and then choosing my settings again. Not sure why it stopped working but at least it's now playing correctly.
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