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BD808s - what next - LiMo or iScanUltra

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This is kind of a CRT and Video Processor question, so I'll try it here first.

I have a BD808s and am looking to get some kind of de-interlacer or line multiplier to be used mostly with PAL interlaced video feeds - and all on a budget in the region of say GBP 500 to 550.

Most of the advice I have read recommends getting a de-interlacer first rather than a scaler (I cannot afford a combined unit like a Lumagen or Centrestage unit)

I have therefore been thinking of getting one of the iScan Ultra boxes (I can probably stretch to one of these).

Pros: a highly regarded unit with a good chip, it doubles as a video switcher so I could run all the sources through one RGBHV cable to the projector.

Cons: Another box to carry around/get damaged, and while I can hope that someone (DVDO maybe? :)) might produce a DVI-in scaler which I could add on, I am realistic about the fact that getting a scaler upgrade will probably require a large sum on a new combined unit.

Now however, I notice that CRT Projectors in the UK are selling new Barco LiMo kits (not LiMoPro) to fit my projector for less than the iScan.

Pros: internal so no other boxes, scaler and video processor in one affordable purchase.

Cons: All sources would have to be plugged directly into the projector, and I know hardly anything about the performance of this board.

What do you guys think? Does anyone have experience of the LiMo board so I can get an idea of how well it performs comparatively? Otherwise, do people feel it is better to hold back on an internal board to get the flexibility of a remote switcher running through a single multicore?

A few caveats:

I have looked at other scalers/de-interlacers, but these two seem to give the best bang for buck respectively, although I am open to recommendations.

In terms of theatre setup, this projector gets used mostly for art film and video shows/exhibitions - a week here, two weeks there, so things like cable runs change from setup to setup.


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Somebody mentioned in the posts regarding new equipment at Cedia that there was going to be a new scaler from DVDO - I'm assuming that it gets its feed from the DVI out of the Ultra? Does anyone know any more about this?

Also does anyone have any opinions about the Limo internal board?

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