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Bedroom theater

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Howdy ho.

Here's the deal; I have an OLED TV in my bedroom w/ awful sound, it's plenty loud but it's just a bit crap and distorted.

I also have awesome sound in the room via:
1. A pair of RP-600M connected to
2. either a SET 300B amp (winter) or Nelson Pass class A amp (summer)
3. B&W sub; controlled via
4. MiniDSP HD and
5. streamed via Yamaha MusicCast WXC-50.

The TV has HDMI arc and optical out.
1. awesome spacial sound from the TV. I can get a little spacial with my MiniDSP but I hear people raving about these pseudo 3D soundbars.
2. minimize components w/ as much reuse as conveniently possible.

1. room size.
2. available open space for equipment is 47" x 10" (120 x 25cm), I have some cupboard space which could accommodate an AVR.
3. my cabinet is like an H w/ the speakers up high (ear height while lying down) and the amps lower down in the middle, so if your using a sound bar w/ side firing speakers they will be blocked and the bar will be below the bed.
4. no where to put rears.
5. presently a 12v trigger is used to switch on/off all my components on via the MusicCast... it just switches a powerboard on/off via a 12v relay.
6. No lights/LED/displays.

What I've considered:
1. Sony Z9F Sound bar under TV, but now I'm doubling up on subs, my room is already cluttered and it's a Sound F'ing BAR.
2. Sony HT-X8500, all in one, but it gets mixed reviews and it's a Sound F'ing BAR.
3. Get a decent receiver; but I only have 2 speakers + sub and it's going to be a MAJOR PitA to swap out the cables every time I want to listen to one or the other.

1. Can y'all recommend something solution?

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Use the optical in on the yamaha from the tv?

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1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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