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Been deciding between 3 different 32in LCD sets

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The three I am debating over are:

LG 32LH20 - $426

SAMSUNG LN32B360 - $450

Sony KDL-32L5000 - $488

Is there going to be a huge difference between these 3 sets, especially for someone who has never owned an HDTV before? Someone told me LG doesn't make good LCDs, but I don't know if I believe that. All the sets have good reviews on store forums. What do you guys think? Is the extra money for the Sony or Samsung worth it? Also, if there are any similar sets around the same price range, feel free to suggest it. Thanks!
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I'm considering the sony 32L5000 and the Sammy 32B460 but a lot of people are noting ghosting issues with the Sammy, so I'm leaning towards the Sony. I don;t know much about LG sets to be honest.
Samsung makes the panels that it and Sony use. The money for the Samsung is worth it over the LG, I'd go with the Samsung, though if I had to choose one, it'd depend on my budget, but in your case, that extra $25 over the LG makes the Samsung perfect.
Excellent, thanks for that post. Welcoming other opinions of course!
My vote is also for the Samsung B360. It's a good panel for the price.
Well for a 32 inch probably $500 so that's why I'm topping off at that Sony. If there is a 37/40 inch that is a bit more I might consider it. I'm a cheap college student so I'd like to save what I can.

This will be my first HDTV and will be for my room at home (I commute to class, you can tell I like saving money). I watch A LOT of movies, but haven't even considered jumping into Blu-ray yet (even though it looks quite nice). I have a large DVD collection I want to watch and watch again with my upconverting player.
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