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Been out of the loop for a while, couple of questions about a Denon AVR

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I currently have a Denon 2805. I like it fine and don't really have any problems for it. The only thing it lacks is HDMI switching, but I only have 2 HDMI sources and my Harmony remote takes care of TV input switching.

But I have a little money to blow right now and was eyeing the Denon 4311CI or 3312CI.

I see they now do HDMI switching and a few other "buzz word" things like internet radio and network integration, but it just seems like half of that I wouldn't use because I already have the Logitech Revue and an Xbox 360 for any time of internet/network media. Also the additional channels/power is the obvious benefit.

I was just wondering if there's anything non-obvious that would come with an upgrade.
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The biggest improvement would the be the addition of Audyssey. The 3312CI uses MultEQ XT while the 4311CI uses the even more advanced MultEQ XT32, although costs about 2x that of the 3312CI. If you never expect to expand beyond 7.1, or want the ability to individually calibrate 2 subs, the 3312CI should serve you well. Both these units can be had at a discount by several of the on-line authorized resellers including AV Science and Electronics Expo, but you must "call" them as they list MSRP on their websites.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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