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Hello everyone,
I just found this forum and figured I would post some questions I have. My current situation - my wife and I are planning on selling our house next spring and building a new home. We both like to watch a lot of movies and so have decided to build a theater room in the new home. I am very inexperienced in this area but have googled some questions and gotten some basic information. I know a lot of the equipment you can put in the room depends a lot on the room size. Given that we are building a new home we have a blank canvas to work with as we are starting to look at some home blueprints and tailoring them to fit a theater room. Basically, will be putting a theater room in the basement. I am thinking that the projector screen will be acoustically transparent 150 inches with a 7.2.4 dolby atmos setup with the front speakers behind the screen and the atmos speakers in the ceiling.... that's as far as I have gotten. So my questions for all of you more experienced people is what size room is needed to comfortably sit 6-8 people in chairs. is there an online calculator that will tell you the needed dimensions of the room to optimize viewing angle and all those other aspects I've seen talked about on youtube?
in addition to that, my other questions would be:
1) what are some of the reliable brands of projector screens (would like to start pricing out some equipment)
2) reliable projector brands?
3) I have a vudu account where I stream most of my movies now to my TV, do projectors come with a way to access vudu or do I need to some how do this a different way.
4) I have a lot of hard copy dvds and have been slowly doing disc to digital conversion on vudu, I see a lot of youtube videos with people setting up servers to store all the dvds they rip. . is there some legal way to do this? I am not aware of any and would consider putting my 300 dvds on a server rather than vudu if feasible.
5) bare minimum of required equipment? projector, screen, receiver, speakers, seats? do you need things like amps? line conditioners (never heard of this piece of equipment before)? and if yes, will it really make a noticible difference in the viewing/audio experience?

Thank you for taking the time to read all these questions and possibly responding to 1 or more of them. I appreciate all the help/time.

PS I hope I posted this in the right section of the forum...

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1) AT screens, SeymourAV, Screen Innovations, Stewart. Or DIY a frame and use AT screen material ranging from spandex to actual screen material from Seymour and others. Budget screens are Elite and Silver ticket on Amazon. Something for every price range.
2) true 4K chip in the projector: JVC and Sony. FauxK: Epson, Benq and Optoma use a 2k chip and trick it into shining 4K pixels on the screen
3) you will need an external device like a Roku, Amazon fire stick or Nvida shield Pro to connect to the steaming services, you connect it to your receiver and connect your receiver to the projector with an HDMI cable. Some bluray UHD players also have internal capabilities, you connect that to your receiver. There may be smart projectors on the market but the leading brands rely on external devices for content.

be aware that this is a hobby where 80% of your budget can be spent chasing the last 20% of performance.
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