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Background: I live overseas in an average sized house with a pair Def Tech BP20s and Def Tech surrounds driven by a Denon 4308CI. I bought all of this used in the states about 3 years ago. I'm very impressed with the BP20s and as such pretty loyal to Def Tech. I'm relatively impressed with the 4308 and will look at Denon first for my next set-up.

My new home is where I need some guidance: I bought this place last year that lends itself pretty well to entertaining. The back yard is on the water, with a dock and outdoor eating area, and one of the side yards has a pool. The main living space is a large room (about 1700sft) with shallowly vaulted ceilings and this space also includes the kitchen and eating area. Also, the master bedroom shares a wall with this main living space so I can easily run speaker wires to the BR/bathroom.

This is what I would like to accomplish:

1) 2 Outdoor speakers facing the backyard "hang out area"

2) 2 Outdoor speakers facing the pool area

3) 2 in-ceiling speakers in the master bedroom

4) 2 in-ceiling speakers in the master bathroom

and finally this is where I need the most help...

5) speakers in the main living area (in-ceiling preferably, almost necessary) to accommodate partying and once in a while watching a movie.

This is what I currently own to this end:

1) Samsung 55" ES6100 led TV (on the wall, love it!)

2) Emotiva UPA - 7 amp (just bought, never used)

3) 2 Def Tech AW 6500 outdoor speakers (used them at my overseas house for about a year, love 'em)

That's it!. Plus the skills to install in ceiling and outdoor speakers

I really am not a huge home theatre buff. I watch more sports and my wife and I listen to our music more than we watch movies. We are not audiophiles by any means other than we like our music to sound "good" while loud. All of our music is on iTunes, so we use bluetooth or preferably Airplay to stream our tunes to the receiver. That being said we wouldn't mind having a set-up that would sound cool when we do play movies.

I am thinking that the Denon 3313CI would be good for the brains of this set-up. The living space can easily justify having 6 in ceiling speakers to fill the room with music when entertaining and then as part of a 5.1 or 7.1 HT set-up when it's movie time. I have no room for front towers or even bookshelves, so I want to do all of this with decent in-ceiling speakers.

My main question is:

Can I drive all 6 in-ceiling speakers with music at once when having a party using the 3313ci and then also use those 6 speakers as part of a surround system when watching movies?

I would use the UPA-7 to drive the other zones. I figure I would use one zone (zone 2) for the outdoor speakers and the other zone for the the bedroom and bathroom speakers. There will be 4 outdoor speakers that I will want to control the volume independently, so I figure I will use nearby in-wall volume controls. One control by the pair of pool speakers and one control for the speakers by the backyard. I'm thinking I can run those 4 speakers on 2 of the channels from the UPA and then 2 other channels can run the bedroom/bathroom speakers (with independent volume controls). That leaves me with 3 unused channels on the UPA-7.

Then I was thinking 6 in-ceiling speakers driven by the 3313 for living area, and maybe an on the wall speaker under the TV for the center channel? Below is what I was thinking for the ceiling speakers? (3 pair)

Definitive technology:

UIW83/A or

UIWBP/A or even the


Emotiva: I'm interested in these but can't find a place to buy them anywhere...

UAC 8.2

Any other suggestions in this price point are welcomed. Thx

For the center:

Def Tech XRT - 50 It's nice and slim. I don't have the depth for an in-wall speaker, so it has to be "on-wall"

For the Bedroom/bathroom: (2 pair) one pair in each the bedroom and bathroom. Running on 2 channels of the UPA-7 on zone 3. Each pair with their own volume control.

Def Tech UIW 63/A or

Emotiva UIW BP/A

or ???? suggestions?

For the outside:

I own and am happy with 2 Def Tech AW 6500s which I will put under the soffit in the back yard "hang out area" and run off the UPA-7 under zone 2 on the receiver.

I think for consistency I will install another pair of AW 6500 on the same two channels of the UPA-7 but on a separate in-wall volume control by the pool. Make sense?

Also by the pool I can add a small LCD TV on zone 2 off the receiver for watching football saturday afternoons. I wonder if I can play music (airplay) on the zone 2 speakers and watch TV (satellite) on the zone 2 HDMI out? Is that possible?

Again, this proposed set-up would leave 3 channels free on the ups-7. Then what? Many Thanks!
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