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Beginner Question: Harmony Remote and Hidden Components

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Have a harmony remote, and am thinking about putting my components in a closed cabinent underneath the TV.

I'm very new to remote technology. What is the most simplistic and inexpensive solution for making my Harmony remote talk to these "hidden" components?

I've heard things such as IR repeaters, etc, but wanted to get some practical advice from the experts

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look at Xantech Hidden Link system. Works great.
SmartHome offers the Hotlink Pro IR Repeater system. Has space to repeat IR Commands for 6 components. I have 2 of these and they work great.
Niles or Xantech is a good choice. The Hot Link Pro works very well and is a bit cheaper.
I got the Hot Link Pro. Works great. Easy to set up and use.

Got it from some place called asiHome, and thought I got a great price... it was $10 cheaper than SmartHome. They also fanatically keep you aprised of everystep of the mail route via email... they were starting to freak me out!

Then, when buying a Harmony remote on Surfremote, I saw they have the Hot Link Pro for $10 cheaper yet!!!! Soooo, if ya get one, shop around.
Definitely the HotLink Pro. I use it and my Harmony 659 to control all of the components in my closed armoire and it works flawlessly. Highly recommend it.

1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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