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Just finished our dedicated home theater and am planning on building the following HTPC. Could you veterans tell me if this setup is adequate and if there are any weak points or items I am missing/are needed?

Thanks so much

Preface: Using Epson 8100 projector (120") plus Yamaha VX765 and Polk 7+2 setup. Also have a Roku XDS currently and just bought a Logitech Revue (not installed yet). DVR is a DirecTV HR24 with 3TB external storage.


Giada CUBE N3

Atom 330 dual core


500GB 2.5" OS Drive (internal)

3TB External USB for storage

Windows 7 64 bit home

External DVD Burner

Again apologies for my inexperience, but is it possible/desired to utilize an HTPC with Google TV primarily as a storage/delivery mechanism for movies?
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