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Beginning the search...

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Greetings all you experts. A true newbie is wading in here.

OK gents it's opinion time. It's time to start working on the home theatre room. I've got a fairly good setup in the family room but when I built this place I set aside an area in the basement/terrace level (what we call a daylight basement in ATL) for a dedicated home theatre. I am going to put all new gear in this room and I am interested in hearing from those of you that have either DLP or LCD projectors and what your opinions of them are.

I'm budgeting around $4-5K for the projector. Screen information would also be helpful.

This weekend I saw a Yamaha LPX500 and thought it looked pretty nice playing HD source material but I know it's certainly not top of the line.

Anyone who can provide some inputs about several brands/models to look at (w/ MSRP) and information about reliability, other things to look out for is a true bud.

Thanks in advance.
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Infocus 5700 or 7200 and Benq 8700 are the ones to have at the moment. Trying to make that decision myself.
A perfect place to learn about the leading projectors


what research have you done so far

what have you seen apart from the yamaha?

What did you like / dislike?

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