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Behringer DCX2496 with Denon DN-A7100? Please help!!

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Let's say I have a Denon DN-A7100 pre/proc, am in the process of DIY'ing a few speakers for LEFT, RIGHT, and CENTER channels, and would like to use a Behringer DCX2496 for the crossover ..via the AES/EBU input on the back of the DCX to keep it in the digital realm without converting back to analog at the Denon's XLR outputs, then back to digital in the Behringer with its own A/D and D/A converters, and then back to analog at the Behringer's 6 XLR outputs.. as that would be a crappy way of doing it since it would obviously degrade the signal, correct?

Well, is this even possible??

If so, the DCX2496's A/D-D/A converter would essentially be bypassed by using the AES/EBU input, right? So, I guess I'd need to have a way to convert the digital S/PDIF and/or digital coaxial outputs on the back of the Denon to the professional AES/EBU standard that the Behringer requires for digital input.

Well, it just so happens that Behringer's ULTRAMATCH PRO SRC2496 appears to be perfect for that job. So, I'd connect a digital output from the Denon to the corresponding digital input on the SRC2496, and from the SRC2496's digital AES/EBU output to the DCX2496's AES/EBU input, right?

So, my main questions at this point are the following..

If I did everything as stated above, wouldn't the Behringer DCX2496 end up being the D/A converter used? What if I don't want this? Is there any way to do all of this and still use the Denon's D/A converter??

I guess I don't really understand the whole digital thing.. Say, for instance, that I want to listen to something in DTS (or whatever) with the Denon.. Does the digital output on the Denon even contain this processed signal? Or is none of this even possible??

I've stared at the online PDF manuals for all this equipment until I'm blue in the face. Some help would be greatly appreciated. Here's the product pages for the equipment mentioned above..

DENON DN-A7100 A/V Surround Preamplifier:


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