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I figured I'd better run this past the experts. I've got a Pioneer SC-27 running a 7.1 HT system. All's well there, but my Zone 2 and 3 are not amplified.

I want to run some outdoor speakers on Zone 2 and figured with the long 100' run, I should probably get an amp a little more Oomph than what I need. However, I just noticed the EP2000 only has XLR or 1/4" TRS inputs. The Zone 2 & 3 output from the SC-27 are RCA's,

I read the manual and it says the 1/4" TRS can take balanced or unbalanced, so I'm thinking I can just use the HOSA CPR-202 cables? They are Dual 1/4" TRS male to Dual RCA male.

I called Behringer and they said it might work, just try it, but before I start ordering stuff, I'd like to be a little more confident as I'm seeing some posts saying you have to buy some kind of a converter box or something?

Can anyone provide some insight please?

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