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FS: Behringer Truth 2031A pair for $300

I have a pair of Behringer Truth 2031A that I just bought new less than a month ago for $350 after coupon at SamAsh. Normally $400 everywhere and no lower, but SamAsh had a generic holiday coupon for $50 off $300 or more.

I'd sell them for $300. They have very small pock dents in the woofer dust cover on one side from where my 3 year old daughter decided to poke her finger. :roll eyes: They are invisible unless you look at them close. I'll take a picture of it. Absolutely perfect otherwise, and the little dents will not affect sound quality (the dust cover does not have anything to do with the speaker mechanics, and it is still a circular dome, not punched in flat). They surely have less than ten hours use on them, I'd guess closer to five.

Here is a picture of the small pock dents:
I probably didn't need to mention it because it is unnoticeable at more than about 1' away viewing distance, but I want perfect honesty when I sell something so --- Here is a picture up close of the dust cap (the center bubble like cap)

They are exceptional speakers and I see why they are rated so highly, but do not possess the dynamic volume I require in my cinema. I like the sound more than my current speakers, but I'm not willing to give up dynamics. I have not bottomed out the drivers or heard them make any bad mechanical noises. I've not taken them to clipping either, having never seen the clip lights. I cautiously did compression sweeps and determined at what SPL levels port compression started occurring (wind artifacts from the speaker ports) and realized it was about 10dB under reference in my room. I didn't push the speakers beyond the level that the bass reflex ports were getting overwhelmed, so they have not been at all abused.

I bought these just to experiment after reading all the rave reviews including the Geddes blind test where the Truth 2031A was preferred to a pair of $6,500 Linkwitz reference speakers. These are indeed excellent for Jazz, or Classical, or even a theater where reference is not needed, but do not suit my primary cinema speaker purpose. They are too big for a typical computer desk though, and even too big for my massive computer desk, which was my secondary consideration. Ultimately I've just decided to sell them at a small loss, having enjoyed getting to hear them -- and now satisfied my curiosity.

This is the set I purchased. These are active - meaning they have amplifiers built in.

These are my thoughts in hearing and measuring the speaker.

Here are some pictures of the two speakers together with their frequency response sheets.

In case some of my friends are interested: (I would have bought a set for $300 if given the opportunity since I didn't expect to keep them anyway, just couldn't find a set for sale used from someone I trusted).


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Next GTG at your place?
I have a small theater. 12x23 and its crowded with all the Klipsch cinema gear and five seats. These palladiums will go in the living room which is even smaller. But they should sound real nice in there. Gotta figure out an avr soon as well as a new sub. Much slower process since everything is pretty much unaffordable lol.
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