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Bel Canto Universal "Player"

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I am looking for information on this player


I seen the ads in various trade mags. I searched this forum (and the web) but came up empty. This player looks like the holy grail of universal players for me. I'm sure it has good SACD and DVD-A and it has Faroudja processing for video and optional SDI to boot.

Any info on ths player is most appreciated esp the MSRP. I am awaiting to hear back from Bel Canto on dealers in my area.
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hmmm not a good sign. I haven't heard back from Bel Canto in terms of local dealers and it seems no one here has had experience with this universal player.
I'm curious too Eric??? I saw their ad in print media. :)

This answers all my questions !!!

Bel Canto continues to build on a reputation for outstanding digital solutions. Introducing an all-in-one source solution for audiophiles and videophiles alike, the new PLayer ($8,900) manages all current popular formats, CD, DVD, DVD-A, MP3 and SACD, with the integrity of finest 2-channel, multi-channel and video sources, in one outstanding product.


thanks for the link - I did a yahoo search but couldn't find anything in regards to pricing. I'm pretty sure that the Player is well built and performs well but the $8900 US MSRP - that scares me. I would also want the SDI option - wonder how much that would cost. Actually I already know - more than I can afford! I was estimating the price to be a about $3 - $4k US. I'll have to live with the Denon 1600 and Pioneer 563 players I have now.
Eric, didn't you atleast glimpse for a moment trading in your car or somethin' on a Bel Canto? ;) I bet they take trade-in's? The price...well, it's beyond pricey! An' I thought the Pioneer DV-AX10 was over-priced. I won't be getting one either, unless I win a lottery, of course! :)

I would trade in my summer car (325ic) now that fall is here but I still wouldn't have enough money to buy the "PLayer"! I'd also have to sell my projector and scaler. Then I'd have to sell my power amps to cover the taxes. I guess you have to be a "Player" to buy the PLayer :D It could be worse, one of trade mags just reviewed the Goldmumd DVD player and I believe the price was something like $20K US. Now that's super crazy.
Bel Canto's dealer network is almost non-existent. I've had some e-mail correspondence with the company and they seem very helpful but reply at a snail's pace. I did speak with one rep via telephone and he wasn't very helpful. The company does have an excellent reputation despite its small size. Many of its products have been reviewed by Sound Stage.

I think that this unit in conjunction with the company's five channel analog pre-amp may be a good buy (if you can afford it). I am just wary about the fact that the company seems to be very small, has just introduce a number of very ambitious products and may not be responsive to problems.

Bel Canto certainly advertises like a big company as this is how I first heard about the Player. I agree with your points such as the slow response times. Bel Canto probably makes excellent products but the slow response makes a bad first impression especially for someone considering one of their products and making an effort to get more information on it.

This no longer matters as the price of the unit is priced way out of my budget.
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