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After reading numerous posts here and getting thoroughly confused, I put forth this idea for hooking up the home audio system to the panasonic 711Xu projector.

1st choice: a bundle of RG6U cables

5 strands for HDTV input (H & V may be useful if I build a HTPC)

2 strands for S-VHS cable

1 strand for composit cable to watch TV

2nd choice: Belden 1872A media twist cable: has 4 pairs

This has a total of 8 strands.

use 5, 3, 1 of strands in it as mentioned above

Am I doing something stupid. I like the second choice if it is doable. Use 3 strands from it to go to sub d15 connector, 2 strands to SVideo connector, and 1 strand to a RCA terminator.

I like this solution. Only one cable to run. The distance is 50 - 60 feet.

I think the second choice is still expensive but easy to pull.

Would someone enlighten me with the pros and cons of these options?

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