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Bello BVS-391: anyone have one?

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I'm considering the Bello BVS-391 and wondering if anyone is using this stand. There's no place locally (I'm aware of) that I can see it firsthand, and I'm a bit concerned that the shelf rear corners not being supported might cause a stability issue.

Just wondering if anyone who has one would care to comment.

It would be supporting a Sony KF50WE610 in my application.


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Must see this one in person, best I have found for my 50" Sammy DLP.

Made in New Zeland, has very thick glass shelves, Channel iron support and concealed wire management.

Paid 249.00 at BB

The Bello looks wimpy. http://akamaipix.crutchfield.com/pro...PFPL-f_MT.jpeg
Thanks - but that's precisely the look I'm trying to avoid.

This is mine... I just put it together the other night...very heavy real fine quality... I recomend bello highly. Racks and stands is a good company to get it from. I got mine on Ebay. good price too.
Sorry, don't know about the BVS-391, but I'll second bobfnbw's recommendation.

I have this bello stand for my 50" DLP (HLN507), and the TV fits perfectly. The stand was easy to put together, and it works fine for my 75-lb TV.


I purchased it from http://www.racksandstands.com/

tempered glass is very very strong as long as it doesn't experience any trauma. Once you rest your TV on there, you can be rest assured that the glass is not going to break.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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