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Benefits of video switching?

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If you have a tv that accpets and outputs 1080p, do you really need to video switch through your receiver or could you just use the receiver for audio?

Are there benefits of switching through a receiver?
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I got a non HDMI receiver (HK AVR 145) for a great price (because HDMI is now becoming standard) and bypassed the receiver for video because my TV has 2 HDMI ins...

however, if I had more then two HDMI sources, I would want a receiver that switches HDMI

I am happy with the sound of my HK, and I have a harmony 550 remote, so my plan is to get a $50-100 4x HDMI switcher (that would work seamlessly with my harmony) when ever I get around to getting a blu ray/HD DVD player a year or more from now when one or the other format wins.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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