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I'm currently looking to buy a dlp projector for HT and video game

use. I like what I see about the pb6100 and the Infocus 4805. I know

the differnces between the 2 (most importantly $$price$$) and 4805 is

not out yet. So I'm about a week away from ordering a 6100 and I'm

concerned because I have not seen any dlp's running in person to now

if I'm affected by rainbows or not!!!! The ht boutiques in the area

dont carry benq or only have the high price ones and claims the

benq's restocking fee is 20%.

1) Has any one in the area bought one?

2) Know where to get a demonstration of one?

3) Know where to order from that dosn't have a restocking fee?

4) Advise !.

THANKS IN ADVANCE. Oh just remembered I saw an advertisement in

PC mag. from T****d****t that had the rebate dated for 2-1-04 though

2-29-04 ($100 or bulb depinding on model purchased).
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