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Ok guys this is my final decision for deciding whether to return my Acer H243H for this Benq. Since the 7 months its been released there is still 0 in depth reviews regarding input lad or response time. So I come to ask you guys,. does anyone own or seen this monitor in action?

Just to let you guys know, the Acer H243H is a good monitor. Picture, input lag, are both good with no ghosting. The only thing that annoys me is that there is no audio out port, so i cant hook up speakers. This is why I want the Benq instead, I just dont know how good the lag is. Also the Benq has 2 HDMI ports where the Acer only has one, so thats a plus.

ANY help will be greatly appreciated. I just need someone to convince me enough to return my Acer for this Benq.

Thanks guys. =)
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