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BenQ HT3550 Setup

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I am looking to purchase a projector and use on a 135" Screen in a dark room in my basement. I am an audiophile so both audio and video quality will be of importance.

Unfortunately I have limited space on my front wall with the screen to put large floorstanders so I was thinking of using the Bluesound soundbar and Bluesound Sub which would fit perfectly. My question is what is the optimal way to hook up the soundbar to the projector for best Audio experience? I dont believe the HT3550 has HDMI Arc which means I cant run audio through the HDMI cable. This would mean a 40 foot run of optical digital cable from Projector to soundbar. Will this mean also that since I dont have a receiver in the chain I cannot listen to Dolby Digital etc tracks?

If this setup is not optimal I have a Denon 4311 receiver that I can use for this application and setup with smaller dedicated HT speakers.

Please advise as to what you think would be best? Thanks in advance
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Edit: responded to you over in the other thread so deleting this to reduce the thread spam.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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