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Hey guys,

So lately while I was surfing youtube videos of projectors to consider I found this video:

Basically it's a new technology introduced by BenQ to be integrated with their projectors. The idea is quite cool, as it's similar to IWB (interactive white board) technology, however much cheaper as you don't need to buy the 'special' white board and you don't need any calibration what so ever. And best of all you don't need to be using the pen on the screen.

First, I'm aware that this forum is mostly surrounded by HT enthusiasts, however, I know there are some users that are more knowledgeable in projectors for business/education settings. I myself own a business/education monitor for my business, and recently was thinking about buying a new projector for our other conference room as that room's projector has been experiencing problems for the past 2 months, and after sending it back to Mitsubishi, it was determined that it would cost much more to repair + the bulb on that projector was coming to the end of it's life, so we decided to shop for a new one instead.

The MP780ST will have 2500 lumens, 3000:1 cs ratio and 16:10 aspect ratio (1280x800). This projector will also seems to be relatively quiet with 30dB as it's highest noise level.

So here is my question. I know this technology is relatively new, but was wondering if anyone know anymore information about this Point Draw technology, and if anyone has had experience with it?

I'm quite intrigued by it because it'd make presentations much easier as we wouldn't have to roll up our screen to white on the white board behind it. I was also thinking this could be an extremely cool pen to use, as during staff meetings, instead of having each person get up to the white board I could just toss the pen to a member sitting and he could write or draw or throw ideas visually onto the board.

I showed a friend of my who is a teacher at a private institution and he said it looked like a great idea, as he could have more interaction with his students.

I wanted to start this thread to share the information, but most importantly I wanted some views and insights from more experienced users with IWB's and what they think about this new "point draw" technology if they have come across with it? Let me know, thanks!
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