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Benq MW512 3d Help

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Hi Guys could some one please help, I have the Benq MW512 projector i have been trying to get 3d Working, as you will no you need the 120hz to activate 3d in projector menu, i have been trying for weeks with 2 different graphic cards a AMD 6950 & 6570 But with no joy im only able to get 120hz if i set the resolution to 1024x768 i have used DVI-D 2 VGA, HDMI 1.4 and VGA but no change..

Ok if I get a NVIDIA card as i think this is the problem can i still use the Dlp glasses i have with my projector or do i need the special NVIDIA ones.. Thanks
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Hi Crezzlin,

With the AMD 6950, have you tried to download the AMD Catalyst software v10.10 or later?

The problem is probably due to that the BenQ MW512 projector is not supported by AMD.

You mentioned you could get 120Hz at 1024 x768. At this setting, were you able to get the projector to project 3D?

Yes, you can use your DLP-Linked 3D glasses with the Nvidia card. The problem is you will need to plug in the Nvidia emitter each time to get the card to work. And as the MW512 is also not supported by Nvidia, you will need to fake it as an Acer H5360. Once that is done, it will run 1280 x 720 @120Hz via HDMI 1.3.
Hi thank you for the reply, i have the latest driver 11.7, at 1024x768 the 3D option comes on in the projector menu and the optoma zd201 glasses i got do connect with projector as they turn dark when pressing the power button, but No! the 3D doesn't work as nothing changes viewing through the glasses.. i only have Avatar sbs format not sure if this is the reason.. Thanks for the info no AMD support just hope someone finds a fix as i cant really spend anymore cash on it lol
Hi again i have just found this link.. will try it with a mates nvidia card tomo fingers crossed.

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