BenQ is best known in AV circles for its highly affordable DLP projectors that sport highly accurate color right out of the box. The company continues this trend with the HT2550, a 4K/UHD model that promises to put 8.3 million distinct pixels up on screen for less than $2000, and it supports HDR.

The HT2550 utilizes single-chip DLP technology with a 0.47" DMD (Digital Micromirror Device), which allows for a compact form factor as well as a low price. It is the first affordable projector from BenQ to offer compatibility with HDR10 video.

This projector's specs state that it covers 96% of the BT.709 gamut, which is great for SDR movies but smaller than the DCI/P3 gamut used in mastering most HDR content that is available today. It's nice and bright with 2200-lumen output and it's spec'd as offering a 10,000:1 contrast ratio. 3D fans will be glad to know it supports that format in 1080p

This is a budget projector, so don't expect miracles from the lens. It does offer 1.2X zoom, but no lens shift. In its press release, BenQ also touts the durability of DLP—colors don't degrade over time.

"Homeowners today want to replicate the magic of the big-screen 4K digital cinema at home," said Lars Yoder, President, BenQ America Corp. "The HT2550 makes that possible, delivering striking 4K resolution for spectacular movie nights. Engineered with advanced audio and video enhancements and HDR capabilities, it's an incredible value for the finest home cinema experience."

One specification that did not show up in the press release is light output, which—along with high native contrast—is a crucial ingredient in projected HDR. It will be interesting to see what sort of advances in image fidelity this new generation of affordable DLP projection brings; the BT.709 limitation is a bit concerning.

The upshot here is that this should be a tremendous projector for watching standard-definition content, whether it's streamed or playing from an HD Blu-ray. If the HT2550 does a decent job with HDR10 content as well, that'll be icing on the cake.