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BenQ PE8700 Broke or Bulb Blown?

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Sorry I haven't been around for a while - been too busy enjoying my projector and HT.

I have the PE8700. When I turned it on tonight it made the usually noises but instead of the bulb illuminating all I get is a pop-pop-pop..ing noise. I am unsure if the bulb is blown or if the projector is broke. Can someone with experience with blown bulbs please advise.

The machine is 2 1/4 years old and has somewhere around 1500 to 2000 hours on the bulb. The timer was reset so I don't know for sure. But I know I am due for a bulb and wish I had ordered one earlier.

Also, the color wheel whine seems to be getting louder and louder. Anyone know if Benq warranty cover that.

It is frustrating that the darn thing would have to go out the Friday night before Christmas holiday. I cannot order a bulb, if that is all it needs, and have it sent overnight. Meanwhile, guest are coming, I just loaded up on DVD's and the Buc's got a big game tommorow. Hope no one else has any problems this season.

Cheers and Happy Holidays.
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I had a 8700+ just until a few weeks ago. BenQ has a nice 3 year warranty on their pjs (this is in Europe but I suppose it's the same worldwide warranty?). Since I was going to sell it I wanted a complete service on the pj so I called BenQ support and got an RMA number. Mine also had developed more and more noise on the colour wheel /and/ or some of the fans. This pj was about 1½ years old with 1300 hours on the lamp. The noise was my reason for wanting it serviced. Anyway, I got a refurbished unit back which had only 150 hours of usage (checked in service menu). Pretty good deal if you ask me. Also this one was much more quiet. AND I think that it had a fixed firmware since pannings were now much smoother that with the previous pj. Firmware on exchange pj was also 1.07, just like mine, but something sure was different in the picture regarding pannings. Almost made me hesitate selling it for a moment there... :) I really like the picture you can get from the 8700 with a little bit of tweaking and the right dvd player.

About the bulb.... I have tried to start the pj without the bulb in it (stupid user error ;) :D ) and it made that popping sound you describe. Maybe try to reinsert the bulb?
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