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Hi All

Looking for an HD projector for conf room. Screen will be 100-120" Ambient light isn't too high. Room is about 12 feet wide and 25 feet long with table that seats 10

Budget around $1500

Inputs will be
  • PC (Primary)
  • Mac
  • iPad (ideally AirPlay, but can live with AppleTV/HDMi adapter)
  • WiDi

Would really like projection over network (with extra box if necessary)

I like the InFocus as it has 2xHDMI (Mac/PC and AppleTV) and 2xVGA (older PC's and LitePort), but the LiteShowIII really lets it down. It has input res of 2048 x 1536, but max output res of 1280 x 800, so it's going to scale my HD from PC.

BenQ only has 1 HDMI so hooking up AppleTV and PC (over HDMI) would require HDMI switch. Not a huge expense but more to go wrong and confuse people. Has networking built-in, so I guess it supports FullHD res (presentation not streaming HD!) over LAN.

Have no experience with USB video, so not sure if that would be better for PC connection than putting in an HDMI switch or converting to crappy VGA

I read the Benq is TOO bright in a darkened room (we don't want to darken, but on overcast day it gets darker than normal

One nice thing about benq is that multi computer projection allows L/R or 1/4 screen whereas IN allows only 1/4 screen

IN has 5 year vs BenQ 3 year warranty

Anyone got any opionions either way of experience with eirther?

Any alternatives?


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