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BenQ W1070 or Mitsubishi HC7900DW?

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(I searched and did not find any threads with this comparison with any responses)

I've owned quite a few projectors in my day and am ready to upgrade to a full 1080p projector. In order, (so far) I've owned a huge Sony CRT 1252, an Infocus 4805, and a Mitsubishi HC1500 (my current projector).

I've read metric tons of information about both projectors I'm considering.

I like that the HC7900DW was a much higher priced projector and appears to be being cleared out. Is it better than the BenQ W1070 though?

What I'm interested in my new projector is a huge step up in picture quality (i.e. contrast, brightness, color saturation, etc...)

I will be using it for movies, gaming, sports, and regular TV watching. Mostly gaming, movies, and sports.

2D picture quality is the most important to me, I won't be watching much 3D on it.

I like a bright image, I find myself watching my 47" 1080p LCD TV quite a bit because of the bright image - part of that could be my HC1500's replacement bulb is definitely dimming.

A little bit about my setup:

119" Da-Lite High Power Screen (bought for the HC1500)

9' Ceilings

Light controlled room (not 100% blacked out, but close enough to make it fairly dark during the day)

Dark painted room

Two rows of seating (theater style)

Room Length~18'

Room Width ~13'

Any suggestions from anyone who has either projector, has seen either projector, or has seen or owns both?

I've read all the specs already, what I'm talking about is actual first hand experience.

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1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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