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Benq W1080ST 1080p 24hz corrupted image, please help.

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Hi all, my first post with Benq W1080ST. 


I got this projector 20 days ago and enjoed t much but problems started when i got the 3D 144hz glasses and with 3D. 


after firmware upgrade to 1.05 (thankz to this forum) i got two problems.


1. Random reboots of projector (looks like it is overheating and turn on after cooling down).

2. 1080P 24hz give me this frozen screen that even block projector menu screen.



Some info:

Projector connection : PC -> Onkyo 626 -> projector with HDMI cable. (around 20ft long in total)

PC: Win7 with Nvidia 560ti in SLI mode

ALL another 3d modes work ok. 1980x1080 60hz work perfect, 1980x1080 desctop screen also working good. 720p 3d gaming in games a bit disapointing but working (to be true i am not impresed from 3d in games but new Gravity film in 1980x1080 3D looks fantastic!
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1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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